“If you think this meme I’ve used to illustrate this letter is extreme, please let me tell you why I do not.”

A letter to the world:

I’ve been uncharacteristically dipping my toe into social-media-political waters lately, letting photos of rainbows and Biden signs do my talking for me. But now, one week away from the most important presidential election of my lifetime, I feel I must have the courage of my convictions and dive right into the deep end.

I’ve lived an extraordinarily privileged and comfortable Southern Conservative white-woman life. My relationship with my childhood Black housekeeper reads like something out of The Help, without the poop pie. …

Mary Loveless

Privileged, White, Sexual-Assault-Surviving, Gun-Owning, Planned-Parenthood-Patient-Escorting, Republican-Voting, Southern Debutante

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